By Penelope Dyan
Publisher: Bellissima Publishing, LLC
ISBN/SKU: 1935118072
ISBN Complete: 9781935118077

Title: Sticks---Because Sticks Are Also People
Publication Date: 7/21/2008

Language: English
Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
This is a great little book meant just for kids, the first
book to be published in Penelope Dyan's "Penny
Mouse Early Reader Series," It is a book meant to
encourage reading, creativity and the fun of learning
all wrapped into one! The concept is simple, but the
meaning is deep. Everything about Dyan is more than it
seems and less than it seems. And basically, this is a
book meant for fun that a teacher can either take into
the classroom or a mom can read at home, and the
beauty of the poetry line is that the children can guess
what comes next and begin the process of reading as
their minds gravitate toward the creative, To do a book
like this, you have to be able think like a child. Dyan
has certainly done that! So parents, please enjoy this
book with your kids, and teachers enjoy yourselves
too, because this is exactly why Dyan created these
simply delightful little books! Look for more 'Penny
Mouse Early Readers,' because they will be coming out
soon! Written by a former teacher, but meant for kids,
it's Penny Mouse all the way!

A very special book---$11.95