The Warrior Mouse of Forest Hollow
Penelope Dyan
Publication Date:  11/25/2005  
Language:  English

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
This is a wonderful little chapter book written
especially for kids who like a bit of fantasy and
light fairytale reading! It tells the story of a very
special and unique little field mouse who falls in
love with a beautiful fairy princess, and who, in
true fairy tale fashion, must complete seven
challenges in order to properly win her hand in
marriage. As our little field mouse meets each
challenge he carries certain gifts home in his
pocket that are unlike any normal gifts you have
ever seen. Read "The Warrior Mouse Of Forest
Hollow" and step into this wonderful world of
fantasy as Harry, Warrior Mouse of Forest Hollow,
Prince Of All Field Mice, wins the hand of the
beautiful fairy princess. This is a book that is
perfect for a book report. It also makes a great gift
for any child! "The Warrior Mouse of Forest
Hollow" may be read as a 'read alone book' or as a
'read to book' , depending on the age and reading
ability of the child. It is also a book that adults will
enjoy reading to their children! You may 'Read to'
as early as four to five years of age, and 'read
alone' at second to third grade reading level. This
book is just one more reason to read Bellissima
Books, and it's a perfect book for bedtime reading!
Written by a former educator who loves children
and who understands them, and who has been
published in periodicals and journals in the field of