Surfing Sixteen
By Penelope Dyan
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water swim competitions and surfing whenever she can.
A great white has been sited at the pier, and this affects
Summer's ability to swim and surf in the ocean at home.
something is wrong with Carrie and maybe Summer
should move on because sometimes that's just what
people have to do. Summer doesn't understand this
because she thought best friends were forever because
that's just the kind of girl Summer is. Every day Summer
is growing stronger and more independent, and her
mother is accepting things much better now, even
though she still worries about Summer and feels that
Summer is just doing too much, especially with
Summer's heightened training schedule. Coach Tammy
and her godmother and open water training coach, Jill,
also decide it is time for Summer to move to a new swim
team, and this is a very difficult thing for Summer to do
because it means she must leave her old swim friends
team. Something very big and exciting then happens
that is to become a new part of Summer's legacy, and
she ends up having an exciting adventure that is quite
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