I Dinosaur
Dr. Stanley Friedman
Price: 11.95 USD

Have you ever dreamed of going on a dinosaur dig and then finding
some real Tyrannosaurus rex bones? Doesn't everyone have that
dream? Asher's dad is a paleontologist, and he and his family join his
dad on a dig on the middle of nowhere that leads to some very
interesting surprises for everyone. Asher and his little sister, Rosie,
stumble across a very big find all by themselves that Asher decides
he must keep a secret until two of his dad's students leave the dig,
because Asher doesn't trust them at all. Besides, Asher isn't sure
what he has found (even though he believes it is something very
important) and he wants his family, especially his father, to get the
credit for the find; because Asher is certain this find will make his
father very famous. Find out what happens when Asher enlists the
help of his archeologist mother to decipher what he has found. And
find out what twists and turns the story takes as Asher, Rosie and
Asher's best friend, Lester, try to keep everything top secret.
Beautifully written by Dr. Stanley Friedman with technical advice from
his eleven year old son, Max, this book both entertains and
educates the reader. Friedman is a musician, composer, and father
who is widely published in his field, and has turned his enormous
talents to writing this wonderful book. If you are looking for a
mystery of kid sized proportions, something that could actually
happen to a kid like you, then you will love this book, especially if
you love dinosaurs, and if you have ever dreamed of going on a real
dinosaur dig!