July 17, 2008                             

'Surfer Girl' By Penelope Dyan Is Best Teen Book 2008 Hollywood Book Festival

Not long after local Jamul, California  author Penelope Dyan returned from her reading in Central Park, New York City
(where her book 'Surfer Girl' was declared best teen book of the 2008 New York Book Festival) she was notified she had
also won best teen book at the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival.

Jamul, California---- It was quite a surprise to writer Penelope Dyan (who has now won best teen book at both the 2008 New York
Book Festival and best teen book at the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival) to discover her book, 'Surfer Girl,' has been declared
best teen book on both USA coasts.

"I didn't even go up to Hollywood for the awards ceremony," says Dyan. "I didn't think it was possible that I could win again!"
'Surfer Girl' by Dyan is also recognized by the Girls Voices In Literature Database, and is the first book in a series of books about
a teenager named Summer, an open water swimmer who surfs for relaxation and who is in pursuit of a legacy as well as an
Olympic dream.

"All the books have an ecological message," says Bellissima Vice President and editor, Jill Lapp. "The books are intended for
teens, but so entertaining that adults are buying them as well."
"Especially surfers," adds Dyan.

All Bellissima books are Ingram listed and widely available on line and in bookstores. If your local bookstore doesn't carry the
Bellissima book you want, you can have them order it for you.

"We are a small publishing house located in Jamul, California," says Lapp. "Our writers all have four year degrees or more, and
include Robert McCutcheon, PhD, teachers Paula Parton and Leah Finley, former LA Times Travel writer, freelancer Jack Adler,
Jason Rider, and hypnotherapist and Australian swim guru, Craig Townsend."

"All of our writers are great!" says owner and CEO Penny Weigand (also an attorney). "Bellissima is a very special place, and
when one of us is successful, we all are!"

"That's right!" says Lapp. "We are a team., Team Bellissima! Bellissima Publishing, LLC is a very special place!"
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