Your Child Can Read!
Bellissima Publishing, LLC
IISBN: 1935118110
Title: Fat Rat, Fat Cat---Because Cats And Rats Are Also People
Publication Date: 8/7/2008
Language: English

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
This is another great little book meant just for kids, that parents will enjoy reading to
them. It is meant to be simple ,and it is meant to teach. It is also meant to encourage
love of reading, artistic accomplishment and just plain fun! This is a perfect book for
the child who is begging you to lean to read, and a perfect book for the child who is
refusing to read, because both will suddenly be reading if they follow this series. (It's
sort of like magic!) This is the second book in Penelope Dyan's Penny Mouse Early
Reader Series, and it is based upon tried and true materials Dyan created as a
teacher years ago, tried and true techniques that worked! Penelope Dyan has been
published in Kindergartner Magazine, Instructor Magazine and Humpty Dumpty
Magazine and is a former K-12 teacher who brings her expertise straight to the
pages of these books! She brings her love of children to every book she writes and
truly believes that every child is special and unique, just like these little books!
Dyan's 'Surfer Girl' is recognized by the Girls Voices In Literature Database,Miami
University, Florida, and was the winner of Best Teen book at both the 2008 New
York Book Festival and the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival!