By Deena Moustafa, PhD
If your child -- or the child of a close friend or relative -- has just
received a diagnosis of autism, you are probably feeling baffled and
overwhelmed. It is never easy to learn that someone you love has a
serious health or developmental condition. Nothing is quite the same
after the diagnosis comes in from the doctor. Many families report mixed
feelings of sadness and relief when their child is diagnosed. You may
feel completely overwhelmed. You may also feel relieved to know that
the concerns you have had for your child are valid. An entire world
changes just at the diagnosis, but there is hope for both the parents and
the child. Whatever it is you feel, know that thousands of parents share
this journey. You are not alone. There is reason to hope. There is help.
Now that you have the diagnosis, the question is, where do you go from
here? The first step is to learn eveything you can about autism. The
author decided to write this book for parents all over the world who
have an autistic child, to be a guide for them, and to inform them that
they are not alone. Their child is not the only one. There are millions
children all over the world just like their child. Dr. Deena Moustafa, PhD
was born in Cairo , Egypt on 13th of March, 1978. She grew up between
Cairo , Egypt & Saarland, Germany and graduated in 1999. She completed
her postgraduate diploma in 2001 graduating with honors, obtained a
Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology in 2005 and a PhD in
Psychology in 2009. Dr. Denna Moustafe, PhD tells us that even if we are
normal, we still feel some of the same things children with autism feel.
Who hasn’t been bothered by the feel of scratchy clothes against the
skin? Who hasn’t gagged on a partially uncooked slimey egg white or on
another unsavory distasteful food? Who hasn’t been distracted by a loud
noise or troubled by the things that lurk in the dark and silence of the
night. We are all different, but we are still the same. We are part of a
single world where knowledge brings understanding and where books
like this one offer hope, practical advise and encouragement. No one is
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depression, this is a very thorough discussion of the subject that you
relative is suffering from depression, or if you are merely wondering if
answers all your questions; and you discover that what you and/or your
friend or relative is doing (and how you or your loved one happens to be
behaving ) is very normal for this illness. In discovering that, it is easier
to cope with and to understand depression and where it could possibly
lead. That said, probably the most significant mention in this book is the
concept of suicide and how you can prevent it simply by listening and by
paying attention to yourself and to others and by being aware of what
depression is and where it could take you if left untreated. Bellissima is
all about bringing to light important topics, and this title is no different.
You may also be interested in reading Deena Moustafa's book, "You are
Not Alone-A Message To Parents Of Children With Autism." And please
look for even more books from this wonderful, caring and sensitive
author, Deena Moustafa, PhD, because she has always has something to
say and always has a very important message!

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act like they are autistic, perhaps not with the same acuteness, strength,
frequentation, but they still do act as if they are autistic! Some of us when
nervous (for example) shake our legs. Some of us don't look at people
when they are talking. Some of us can become so involved in an internet
search we don't realize we are in a room full of active, noisy people. All of
these things are things autistics do. Many people with autism are visual
thinkers, and some are very high functioning. No two children or adults
with this condition will be exactly the same, but there can be similarities.
Some have very few problems, and others are almost unreachable.
Different autism types have different names, and more and more is being
learned about this condition every day. This book will to help you
recognize autism as a difference, not as a disease. It is a handbook
resource that should be put in the hands of every parent attempting to
solve the puzzle of autism, and of every single adult who is or has been
touched by autism. Written by Dr. Deena Moustafa, author of
“Depression, The Silent Screaming” and “You Are Not Alone---A Message
To Parents Of Children With Autism,” this book is a must have for every
diagnostic library, for every parent who has a child with autism, for every
parent who has a child suspected of having autism, and for anyone who
wants to solve the puzzle of autism.

Moustafa, Deena      Author  

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