Fairies And Stuff
Publication Date:  3/6/2007  
Language:  English  

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

Penelope Dyan is back with more of her wonderful
poetry for children. This time she enters the world of
fairytales, fairies, elves, witches and gnomes--the stuff
from which dreams are made. Dyan continues in her
tradition of creating poetry kids of all ages can enjoy,
especially little princesses, and her sensitivity to chil
and her expertise in the filed of education makes this
book of poems a pure delight. Dyan is a writer, former
educator, and an attorney, and is the author of several
delightful Bellissima Children's books.  Hardcover         
with dustjacket ISBN 0-9794006-4-3: $17.95; Laminate
Hardcover ISBN 0-9794006-3-5 : $16.95