By Paula Parton
Room 17 Book 1

ISBN  0-9794815-0-3 , soft cover $8.95
ISBN  0-9794815-2-X, hardcover $19.95

Publication Date:  9/15/2007  

128 Pages

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

Enter the magical and exciting 'Room 17' and find out why this school room is so
exciting and what happens to one group of kids when they enter the pod between
the school rooms to work on their group history project. Long time teacher, writer
and artist Paula Parton has done it again! And this time she makes history come
alive! Find out what life lessons these fourth graders learn, and how they might
have actually affected history. To say the story of 'Room 17' is awe inspiring is an
understatement, and the good news is this is the first book in a brand new series
of books all about the adventures of the kids in 'Room 17'! Ask yourself what you
would do if you had entered the pod. (And what exactly is the pod?) Better yet, join
the kids of 'Room 17' and let your imagination soar through time and space as you
embark upon a great and sometimes perilous adventure!

Paula Parton (a fourth grade teacher who just happens to teach in 'Room 17') is the
author and cover illustrator of 'The Tic Chronicles.' And she absolutely swears
Room 17' is pure fiction! But is it? Read and decide for yourself!  
Soft cover $8.95
Hardcover: $19.95
The Room 17 Series!

Publication Date: 3/23/2008

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
The excitement is on again in Room 17! Travel with our group of time travel
explorers through the learning pod and back into time where they meet none
other than Sir Francis Drake! Meet a parrot named Billy Be Hanged and find out
what it really was like to be a pirate and an explorer in the days of old! Learn about
discover new worlds and new cultures they could never have imagined, and find
out why Vic is a true hero and what he did for one of his classmates. Most
importantly, take the time to look inside of yourself and try to discover exactly who
you are. Ask yourself what you would do of you went back in time and how you
would handle the dangers and excitement of an adventure you could not have
imagined in your wildest dreams! This is Book II of the 'Where History Comes Alive'
Book Series, and author and fourth grade teacher Paula Parton has done it again!
From her beautifully painted cover to the exciting interior of this book, kids,
parents and teachers could not ask for more! Written with classroom input and
experience, Paula Parton (who just happens to teach in Room 17 at her school) has
outdone herself. While Mrs. Parton swears this book is purely fiction, the
characters and their interaction with history makes you wonder, "Could these
stories be true?" Only Mrs. Parton and the kids of Room 17
will ever really know for
Room 17 Book 2
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