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war, and in the end
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ISBN Complete:  0-9768417-9-7  
Title:  For Love of Pete!  
Publication Date:  8/23/2005  
Language:  English  

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

This is the story of a skinny Italian boy from an immigrant Sicilian family who goes to
war to fight for his country and ends up playing the taps on Mount Suribachi as the
colors are raised. Travel with Peter as he explores the journey from boyhood to
manhood and experiences a terrible battle in the fight for American freedom along
the way. Learn the Sirna family secret and what it meant to Peter to be a real
American boy; but most of all, take the time as Peter did to give tribute to those
brave American men and boys who died on the battlefield of Iwo Jima. This is Peter's
story, the story of the boy who played the taps on Iwo Jima.  This book contains a
partial list of those slain on Iwo Jima in 1945.

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ISBN Complete:  0-9768417-9-7  

Book Type:  6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound  
Page Count:  292  
providing the echo taps.
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