Mary At The Window
Publisher:  Bellissima Publishing, LLC  
Imprint:  Bellissima Publishing  
ISBN/SKU:  0977699331  
ISBN Complete:  0-9776993-3-1  
Title:  Mary At The Window  
Publication Date:  5/5/2006  
Language:  English  

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

"Mary At The Window" is a love story unlike any other love story you
have ever read. It is a sensitive and touching look at the true
meanings of life and love. Follow Mary through her life in her search
for love, and find out how illness can sometimes be a blessing as it
draws people to one another. Mary battles breast cancer; and as
she battles the cancer, the true meaning of love becomes clear to
her. This book was written with hope the story of Mary and her
courage and search can help others find what they think they have
never had and make clear the meanings of life and love, something
unique and different for everyone. Available in Paperback:. ISBN
0-9776993-2-3 Paperback Price: $14.95 USD.  Hardcover price: