The Tic Chronicles
This is a very funny book with a surprise ending
that will leave the reader guessing as he or she
reads. Written by an educator who spends her day
in the classroom, Paula Parton brings everything
she knows about children into this book. The book
is entertaining as it educates with plays on words
and funny detail that will leave parent and child
chuckling. Where is this planet where the many
legged creatures read, write and speak just as we
do? Who are the HU, and why do the creatures
there read the classics? There is a war and a rescue
and acid rain and love and marriage on this planet
just like we have on our planet. They even travel to
outer space, but exactly where is outer space?
Paula Parton has created a brand new concept in
children's literature that will fascinate, entice, and
educate children of all ages; and that is only one of
the surprise secrets of this book! You must read to
the very end if this delightful chapter book to find
out all of the answers. But what are the questions?
Read and discover it all for yourself!  

Soft cover ISBN
0-9794006-5-1, Price: $8.95;
Hardcover Laminate:

ISBN  0-9794006-6-X, Price: $16,95