The Silk Princess    By Penelope Dyan    Bellissima Publishing, LLC

Travel the Silk Road with three woman as they traverse through
life, never meeting, lives intertwining through the history of the
Chinese Celestial Empire.  Watch the opium swift boats travel
down the River of Pearl bearing false witness to all who buy the
seed of the poppy that it will bring them happiness and a better
life, knowing all the time about the addiction of the mud brought
to them from the Western World.  Hear the sounds of the Boxer
Rebellion as the Chinese people believe that can be saved from the
Western guns by swords of steel and Chinese paper dragons.  Hear
Sun Yet Sun promise a better life through the creation of the
Chinese Republic and watch as he gives his power to another.  Feel
the hope and despair, the love and the fear that has made China
who she is today.  Learn the secret that is "The Silk Princess."
Go home to America and write the true story of China."  And so she did!