That's So Funny, My Hair Fell Out!
By Stephen Butterman, Illustrated by Adam Frizzell
Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

This book takes a humorous look at a very serious situation, and while it does not
at all downgrade the seriousness of the situation, it most certainly does give the
reader an opportunity to ponder and smile. In case you haven't gotten the gist of
the subject of this book, this book is about the dreaded "C" word that no one likes
to utter, but is never far from anyone's mind, concerns or lips; because none of us
have gone through this world, not even for a short span of time without being
touched by it in one of its forms or another. Yes, we are talking about cancer, and
if you have cancer or know someone who has cancer (and who doesn't fall into one
of these two categories?) then this is the obvious book for you. Get your humor on
and enjoy the illustrations of political illustrator and artist, Adam Frizzell, and the
words of Stephen Butterman. And remember to see the humor in all of life,
because it is really true that laughter truly is the very best medicine of all.

Price: $8.95 USD