The Uncommon
Of Tucker O'Doyle
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Publication Date:  3/21/2007  

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

Something strange and wonderful is about to happen to Tucker
O’ Doyle that will take him on adventures beyond his wildest
dreams! It all begins when Tucker finds a tiny Zooble in a tiny
wicker basket floating in the water. Then his neighbor, Mr.there
is a passageway to another world, a world unlike any Tucker
has ever known. Tucker learns some secrets about this strange
new world, fights battles, and learns a lot about himself and
others. Jason Rider has two books with Bellissima, this book
and its sequel, "Night of The Stalkers", book 2 of the Tucker
O'Doyle Series. And this is a book series fantasy fans are sure
to enjoy! Buy both books in the series and watch for additional
Tucker O'Doyle Books by Jason Rider. All O'Doyle Books are
available in hardcover and soft cover editions and are Ingram
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