Surfing On Summer's Wave
By Penelope Dyan
Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

This is the third book in Penelope Dyan's "Surfer Girl"
Book Series, and the story of Summer continues. Find out
what it means to be a girl like Summer. It isn't easy, but it
is fun! In this story, the gang joins Summer once again,
and they enact another one of Jill's fantastic plans. They
are off to save the ocean and its creatures once again! In
the meantime, Summer has a very tight competition
schedule she has to meet with lots of travel; and she also
finds out they will be offering the open water 10k at the
next Olympics. Summer doesn't like to even imagine
being in the Olympics because the dream is just too big
for her to handle. She is also having some problems with
her boyfriend, Phillip; and Phillip has some serious family
issues. In short, Summer is still an ordinary girl with a
very, very exciting and extraordinary life! Also available in
paperback: ISBN 0-9771916-6-4; price: $11.95, Hardcover
price: $22.95