Tales As Tall As
A Sunflower
By Stephen Butterman
against her as he waits for the often touted global
extended. Politics and vegies combine, along with
some kids, a very real girlfriend named Maria, a gray
squirrel and various vines, tomatoes, potatoes and
gourds to form the basis and background of this
very funny collection of short stories where each
story builds on the last. This is a great gift for the
gardening enthusiast in your life. It is up to date,
current, light reading fun, and it will never be
outdated. Enjoy reading this very organic, green
book with confidence it will not leave you bored or
wondering how it got into print in the first place.
Stephen Butterman has a BA from Ohio State
University, an MA in creative writing from Eastern
Michigan University and a pending MA in European
History. He is widely published in several periodicals
and has won an unprecedented number of
undergraduate writing awards in essay, fiction and
poetry. His home spun down to earth look at the
world in combination with his knowledge of both
gardening and politics, combine to create one very
fun and amazing book, perfect for an afternoon read,
even if you don't have a garden