Publisher:  Bellissima Publishing, LLC  
Imprint:  Bellissima Publishing LLC  
ISBN/SKU:  097933585X  
ISBN Complete:  0-9793358-5-X  
Title:  Caution Tape  
Publication Date:  2/21/2007  
Language:  English  

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

Penelope Dyan brings her years as an attorney into play with
the writing of "Caution Tape" the story of the mystery
surrounding war hero and self-professed tough guy, Angelo
Marconi . What is the mystery behind Angelo's strange and
untimely death? And why can't the family unit get the storage
unit open where his estranged wife, Deana locked him inside.
Find out the answers to these questions and more when you
read "Caution Tape." Penelope Dyan is an attorney with over
twenty years experience in the field of law, who was a writer
even before she was an attorney. Prior to entering the field of
law Ms. Dyan was an educator and a mother. Her life has come
full circle so that she is now who she always wanted to be and
who she was always met to be. The journey of her life is
reflected in all her work. She is a true believer that writing is
an art, and to create art the writer must touch the truth of life,
and that life itself is something to be experienced if one is to
be able to write truth and therefore create true art. Widely
published, Dyan has brought the experience of her lifetime to
set before the reader. Ms. Dyan is but one of the great
Bellissima writers! This book is also available in hardcover
copy, ISBN 0-9793358-6-8.  

By Penelope Dyan