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Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

'Parthian Karma' by Jack Adler is the third book in the
trilogy of the story of Kyra and Larius, a brother and
sister born in First Century AD who are taken from
their Parthian home when their parents are killed in
battle by a roman soldier and are then made wards of
Rome. Because they are of noble birth, they are not
made slaves of Rome and they live a comfortable life
until a series of events that thrust them into turmoil
causing them to flee the Roman Empire. The saga of
Kyra and Larius continues as the brother and sister
seek home and sanctuary, experiencing the full flavor
of new and different cultures in their search. Parthian
Karma is a colorful and exciting tale filled with
suspense and intrigue. The other two books in this
Jack Adler trilogy are 'Parthian Retreat, The Road To
Seres', and 'Seres Sanctuary'. All three books are
available in both soft cover and hardcover editions
and are Ingram listed.