A Book For Girls About Being A Girl
By Penelope Dyan
Publisher:  Bellissima Publishing, LLC  
Imprint:  Bellissima Publishing  
ISBN/SKU:  0977191699  
ISBN Complete:  0-9771916-9-9  
Title:  A Book For Girls About Being A Girl  
Publication Date:  12/9/2005  
Language:  English  

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
Penelope Dyan does it again with this delightful little book of poems
that is certain to capture the hearts and minds of children as well as
adults. Take a trip back into childhood and glimpse its confident
innocence. Smile and laugh as you tromp around in Mommy's high
heeled shoes and have an old fashioned tea party with Dolly! Most of
all do not forget that boys just stink, but delightfully so! Penelope Dyan
is an attorney and a writer who is a former early childhood educator
widely published in both her fields of expertise! She understands
children, so don't be surprised if your child can't put down her books of
poetry, or if you hear your child laughing with glee from the other
room!  This is a little book with a lot of heart that your child and you will
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