The Jan & Jenny Adventure/Mystery Series
By Pamela Hillan & Penelope Dyan
$8.95 USD                                       $8.95 USD   
$8.95 USD                                               $8.95 USD
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Meet Jan & Jenny, two girls on a mission, budding private
eyes and more.  Follow their adventures and have fun as
you explore caves, save endangered species,  discover
treasure, catch bad guys and more.  Perfect for the teen
and preteen reader.  Each book is approximately 100
pages plus in length, just long enough to hold your
attention and keep you on the edge of your seat and
leave you wanting to read more.  Perfect for both boys
and girls!  Book number 5 is already on the way, so this is
a series that won't stop just as it is becoming fun and
interesting!  And there are videos on the Bellissimavideo
YouTube Channel that go with each book!
$8.95 USD                                                $8.95 USD