Books By Lea Plumier
This is the story of Rhu, a quite extraordinary green fairy who starts out being
a adventure. Combine Rhu with a few humans, two of which have 'special
gifts,' and a couple of very intense and funny mice, and you have five great
adventures all in one great book! What is a fairy, exactly? Why is Rhu a
green fairy? Can fairies do just anything, or are their powers limited?
Sometimes, as Rhu discovered, a green fairy can use a little help from his
friends, especially if he is out to fight an important battle. That said, enjoy the
prose of Lea Plumier, who brings you this book of tales all the way from North
Dakota. Look at life through her eyes, and ask yourself how she knows all
these marvelous things about the magic of dark forests and other places.
Perhaps she, like the heroine Becky in this book, is a seer. Ad if you want to
know what that is (because maybe you are also a seer) you will just have to
read 'The Story Of Rhu The Fairy.' This a great intermediate reader as well
as a wonderful read-to book for younger children.