Brushing Away The Tears
By Debbie Wilson

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

"Brushing Away The Tears" paints a portrait of a life lived
with and taken by AIDS. The true story of Christopher Colt's
journey through HIV/AIDS is told through his journals and
those of his mother. His frequent journal entries begin in
1989 when he was diagnosed with the disease and ends a
few months before his death in 1992 at age 39. A budding
artist, Christopher details the heartbreaking fear of knowing
his time is limited and his life is likely coming to an end. The
narrative is provided by Christopher's sister, Debbie Wilson,
who holds a BA in journalism. The subject of AIDS has been
written about numerous times from a medical standpoint and
a few times from the victim's view. "Brushing Away the
Tears" is largely written in a first hand account through
Christopher's journals and stimulates the curiosity of those
who wish to probe the very personal side of coping with a
terminal illness. Christopher was a radiant star whose spirit
lives on through his art and whose story will inspire others
to "live like you are dying." This book speaks to the social
stigma of AIDS without preaching or malice and seeks to put
a face to AIDS. The face is that of a man in the prime of his
life, someone who is loved by his family, lover, friends and
colleagues. His story is tragic but in the midst of terrible
physical pain and tremendous fear, there is humor in his
writings and with the business of everyday living. The title,
"Brushing Away the Tears" is derived from Christopher's
passion of becoming an artist. Every life is painted with the
artist's hand of God, and Christopher's life was no different.
He just lived his life differently.

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