For Boys Only
Title:  For Boys Only! No Girls Allowed!  
Publication Date:  11/15/2005  
Language:  English  

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
This is a very special book written just for boys. It's funny
and real, and will make you boys want to read poetry. Yes!
Poetry! Tested on boys nine to eleven years of age who
found this book nothing less than hilarious after being
literally dragged to the book believing they would never like
it because it was, after all, Poetry. And poetry is for Girls,
right? Wrong! There is so much out there for girls that
sometimes boys just don't think that it's fair, and it's not! So
step right up boys of all ages! Here is a book just for you!
And----There are no girls allowed! So read and burp and be
smelly because that is just who you are! Written by a former
educator published in educational periodicals and journals
that teach teachers how to teach!  

trademark of Bellissima Publishing, LLC.
You are getting a Penelope Dyan Original 'For Boys Only'.  However,
please remember these books are not only for boys, because girls
can read them too!  And there is more to come!
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