The Little Hospital
Publication Date: 7/22/2008
Language: English

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
This is another very special Bellissima book written for kids, this
time for who are either in the hospital, going to the hospital or
who are just plain hospital kids. The book is intended to be real,
but at the same time be funny and entertaining and allow a
hospital kid to express what he or she is feeling about
everything and to make the best of their hospital stay.
Penelope Dyan has an affinity for kids and feels what their
hearts are saying. This is her way to help just a little bit. A
former teacher of grades k-3 and an attorney, Dyan's book
'Surfer Girl' was the winner of best teen book at both the 2008
New York Book Festival and the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival.
Penelope Dyan's 'Surfer Girl' is also recognized by the Girls
Voices In Literature Database, Miami University, Florida and
other numerous awards. Dyan is also a mother and
grandmother and brings with her this added insight and
expertise. So read and laugh and cry. Do it all with this funny
little book of 'Poetry For Kids.'