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New Books For Kids
By Penelope Dyan           
Reader series and save $1.95 per book!
Use to teach to read or read like picture
books!  All books discounted!
beginning with Sticks to teach self-awareness, and moving through the first primary
recognition.  These Classroom used techniques were used to beat the odds and to
teach kids proclaimed by the school system as unable to read and not ready to
read, to read.  In fact at the end of one month these kids were read and at a higher
level than the group who received the highest pre-reading test scores! Purchase
one at a time, or purchase all ten and save at the paypal button on the top of this
page, and plesse specify whether a boy or girl to receive the proper sticks book.
Here are some very fun books by Penelope Dyan, published by Bellissima!  
teaching tool.  Either way, your children will begin to read if they don't
already know how to read, and if they already know how to read, then fun is
Tried and true classroom techniques, simply drawn illustrations your child
will probably copy, and images your children will carry with them throughout
their lives!  This is what Dyan brings to you with these little books!

When you order the set, please specify if you are ordering for a boy or a girl,
because the book Sticks (a book about self-awareness that will help your
child pass the raw a person test) has a boys version and a girls version.

Bellissima loves kids, and buying the Early Reader 10 book setset gives you
a chance to save on both postage and cover price!

And oh yes, the Penny Mouse Early Reader Series is based on the first
primary reading list, word sound, sight word concepts, and child
involvement. Get active!  Get hot!  Interact.  Teach! Learn!  But most of all,
have some real fun!

Bellissima is also about having fun, because both learning and reading is
fun, and if it isn't fun for your child, buy these books and it will be!
Penelope Dyan is an award winning author who has been published in The
Kindergartner, in Instructor Magazine and in Humpty Dumpty Magazine as
well as in several other publications,

Dyan's Surfer Girl was winner of best teen book at both the 2008 New York
Book Festival and the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival.

All these books are 8.5" by 8.5" in size and contain 44 pages and have a
color interior, with words on one side and an illustration on the other side
as you read and explore and laugh!
Sticks (The For Boys Only
Version of Book 1)
The Supplements
The Penny Mouse Early Readers
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trademark of Bellissima Publishing, LLC.
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