All About Rhymes And More!
Gina Crawford, Author
Darrell Osborn, Artist
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Gina Crawford has authored works in a variety of genres, including a
children's literature. Crawford holds Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees
level. She resides in North Alabama. Darrell Osborn says he lives his life
"walking the line between arts and entertainment." Over the past 25
years, his illustrations have traveled around the world and into space,
while across the South, he's known as Doctor Osborn, the Magical Mad
Scientist. The mixing of the two gives him the unique perspective reflected
in both art forms. Together they have created a really fun book that will
introduce kids everywhere to the joys of rhyming! And the art of rhyme is
one step toward learning to read! So whether you are already reading, or
simply learning to read, this book is perfect for you! There is also a free
music video on the Bellissimavideo YouTube channel that goes with this
book for even more learning fun!
ISBN Soft cover: 978-1-61477-204-0

ISBN Hardcover: 978-1-61477-205-7

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