The Knights Of God
By Robert Wakefield

ISBN Complete: 978-1-935118-89-3
Publication Date: 1/15/2010
Language: English

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
If you are a fan of the Knights Templar, then this is the book for
you! Robert Wakefield has woven history and time in this tale of
two best friends who become brothers and head for the
crusade. True to the era and historically accurate, even history
buffs will not be disappointed in this book. You will find
adventure, horror, love, and family, loyalty, honor, bravery, and
courage as you read. Most of all, find yourself truly mesmerized
and entertained by a unique cast of characters woven around
two boys named Tom and Henry during a most difficult and
dangerous time in history in which to live. This book is vivid and
colorful, and it will fill your imagination and satisfy your
adventurous spirit, As you read, you will be taken to a different
time and place. See and feel the crusades as they were
experienced in this well researched fictional tale about the
crusades and the knights who fought them. Robert Wakefield is
the author of the novel, The Year Zero," also published by
Bellissima Publishing, LLC; and he is the producer of the movie,
"The Year Zero."

Wakefield, Robert: Author  
Najjar, Mark : Cover Illustrator  

United Kingdom 16.40 GBP  
United States $22.95 USD