Case Laminate: $19.95
Hardcover: $21.95

ISBN Complete:  0-9790449-7-9  softcover  $10.95
ISBN Complete:  0-9790449-5-2  case laminate $19.95
ISBN Complete:  0-9790449-6-0   hardcover with dust
jacket $21.95

Title:  Walk On The Child's Side  
Publication Date:  1/23/2007  
Language:  English  

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

This is a delightful, whimsical book of poems by
Penelope Dyan that lets the adult reader peak into
childhood, and the younger reader wiggle and
giggle with glee. Written by a former educator
turned attorney, who was always a writer and a child
at heart, Penelope Dyan pulls on your heartstrings
and tickles your funny bone like no other writer out
there. Dyan holds a degree in English from San
Diego State University and a juris doctorate degree
from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego,
California; but that does not stop this mother of
three and grandmother of four from pursuing her
dreams, and luckily for Bellissima Publishing, LLC,
her dreams include her writing as well as her love of
children! This book combines the poetry of
Penelope Dyan's earlier publications of "For Boys
Only! No Girls Allowed!" and "A Book For Girls All
About Girls" into one hardcover laminate volume,
and adds additional poems to the delightful mix.
"Walk on the Child's Side" is also available in
hardcover copy with dust jacket and case laminate
copy. If you are ready to laugh, or if you just want to
encourage your children to read poetry, then this is
the book for you.