Diagnosing Kourtney
By Laura Najjar
ISBN/SKU: 1935118854
ISBN Complete: 978-1-935118-85-5
Publication Date: 11/3/2009
Language: English

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):
This is the story of one Mom and one very special family that had born
into it one very special little girl who at this writing is waiting for a
multi-organ transplant so that she can visit London and Paris, and so
that she can see the world beyond the four corners of a hospital room.
Delight in the joys and cry for the sorrows of this mother and family for
an infant born with a very serious problem that for the most part is not
given the recognition it deserves. Kourtney Najjar has neurogenic
pseudo obstruction and osteopenia, and every single day since her
birth, she has struggled with pain. Find out how one mom fought and
continues to fight to get answers for her youngest child, and how she
fights the system and juggles the schedules of her other three active
children, while making choices no parent ever wants to make. Mother,
father, and children all are a part of this process, and the journals
inscribed herein are the true thoughts and feelings of the moment; and
this book is as Laura Najjar's journal was inscribed. Laura Najjar wrote
this book as a help to all parents of children with this condition, and for
all families and children who face life threatening issues on a daily
basis. It helps to cope when you know there are others who care, and
others who share the same plight. Laura Najjar has a degree in early
child development, and brings that expertise to the table in resolving
her issues. This is a book everyone should read, because it is a book
all about fighting hard for life and living life to its fullest. All profits from
this book will be donated to Kourtney Najjar to cover her
mult-transplant costs.
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