A New Book
By Jason Rider
ISBN Complete: 9781935118053
Title: A Space Between
Publication Date: 7/11/2008

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

College life can be intimidating, and it can also be the best
time of your life! It isn't so much about the big things that
makes life interesting; it's more about the little things that
lead a person towards real independence and toward
adulthood that makes life interesting. It's about a thousand
small choices and a thousand big choices, no-it's about much
more than that. This is Tyler's story, about the very best of
times and the very worst of times. It's about how one boy
grew into manhood and made his way in the world, and it's
about much more than that. This is a story you will not be able
to put down, and in it you may even find yourself. If a book
can be a mirror of a single slice of life, and if you are looking
for a book that will make you smile, remember and think, or
(for those younger readers ) give you a peek into what a
growing up into the adulthood of your future may hold, you
should read this book. In fact, for you this book should be
required reading! This is a Bellissima Publishing, LLC must
read! Jason Rider fans should get ready for a wonderful book.

Cover Photograph by John D. Weigand

Soft cover price: $11.95