The False Start
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Title:  The False Start  
Publication Date:  3/1/2007  
Language:  English  

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

Robert McCutcheon continues the Flipturn
Teddy faces continuing conflict with his inner
self and the outside world. Sometimes life is
Robert McCutcheon continues the Flipturn full
of stops and starts and lines you wonder if
Series with his second book, 'The False Start'.
you should cross, and Teddy's life seems to be
filled with these things right now. Billy
surprises Teddy with a trip to a hidden local
swimming hole, and Teddy is amazed at what he
finds there. His relationship with Cindy moves
to the next level, and he has an unexpected
encounter with a strange girl who he decides is
pretty. Teddy has banned himself from
swimming  for now because of his shoulder
injury, but he is still cheering for his team. Find
out what happens when his brothers face
Progar a second time in the relay re-match, and
find out if Billy redeems himself and whether
the team wins the swim meet. Robert
McCutcheon, Phd, has degrees in English from
Duke, Oxford and Stanford and teaches at
Davis and Elkins College in West Virginia where
he can be found most days at noon in the pool.
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