Quantum Outlaws
By Dr. Stanley Friedman

ISBN Complete: 978-1-935630-09-8
Publication Date: 5/6/2010
Language: English
Pages: 210

Cover Price: $11.95

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

Travel though space and through dimensions of space, and see what the
future may have to offer, as well as the terrible perils that could lie ahead
for those who may seek to abuse its power. Author, Dr. Stanley Friedman
will take you on this perilous journey filled with action and excitement as
his Quantum Outlaws attempt a rescue from Oblivion. But exactly where is
Oblivion, and how does one get there? And why are Professor AU and his
son missing? And to where have they gone? If you have ever thought
about time travel, travel through space or travel through space and time,
or even how to cure global warming and what real space and time means,
then you will love this book, and this is an adventure you won't forget! Find
out how Dr. Au and his son, Edward, created the Keppi, a device that would
change the world; and find out what mistake old Dr. Wilder, the
mathematician, made. Dr. Stanley Friedman is a world renown musician and
writer with a great imagination who is able to take the theories of Einstein
and others and make them come to life. This is a book that will get you
thinking about many things as protagonists Sylvia and Fred make a big
rescue, and as they remind us all the universe is ours! Or is it? And can a
cat be both dead and alive all at the same time?